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Northeast Asphalt Services

Seal Coating method: 
Parking lot is cleaned thoroughly and all oil spots are treated with a primer prior to sealing. Any areas around buildings, concrete, grass, etc. are sealed by hand to prevent over spray. Sand mix sealer is then applied in a spray form.
Seal Coating benefit:
This Improves the appearance and protects your parking lot from surface cracks, weather, oxidation, fuel, and oil spills
Crack Repair method: 
Cracks are cleaned thoroughly  and filled with rubber heated to 450 degrees. Black beauty is applied over completed cracks to prevent material tracking from traffic.
Crack Repair benefit: 
This material expands, and contracts with tempature changes preventing water from infiltrating and undermining your parking lot.
Patch Work method:
Deteriorated area is cut out and removed. Base is compacted and repaved with class #2 asphalt.
Patch Work benefit:
Prevents water from undermining and making the problem worse. Prevents tripping hazards and vehicle damage.

Line Striping:
Whether its restriping or laying out a new parking lot, we are knowledgable with A.D.A. and town to town specifications.
Line Striping benefit:
Improves the appearance of your parking lot and eliminates traffic, and parking confusion.
Curb Replacement method:
Damaged curbing is removed and disposed of. New curbing is installed through an extrusion curb machine.
Curb Replacement benenfit:
Improves the appearance of your parking lot. Prevents soil from washing into your parking lot.

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Northeast Asphalt Maintenance provides curb replacement in connecticut and CT street sweeping, as well as asphalt repair in CT
and litter sweeping in CT also Connecticut plowing services, seal coating CT and crack repair in the Hartford area.
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